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You won’t have time to look back as the New Year is about to knock on the door! Sweets are a must for children, loved ones and loved ones. So you should prepare carefully. Here will help the most delicious gifts from “Lucas”, which are created for your New Year’s passion and delight!
The Prime Time team has created and developed a New Year’s design and concept of special sweet sets!
“Happy New Year” №1
Set №1 “Happy New Year”
Time enchants with a quiet step,
“Lucas” – the taste of the New Year!
Set “Happy New Year!” created so that every winter day was filled with a festive mood! Flashlights, the smell of a Christmas tree, warm tea and sweets – the perfect atmosphere for a miracle. We filled the gift with the best and most popular sweets, which will make your loved ones happy.
Set №2 “Taste of the holiday”
Miracles are lacking in the world
Let’s give a taste of the holiday to children!
The set “Taste of the holiday” is the best choice for sweet dreams of kids! How much happiness they get only from the word “sweets”! “Lucas” knows the secrets of joy! Even more candy – even more smiles!
Set №3 “Sweet Holidays”
For the sake of baby smiles,
We wish you sweet holidays!
The “Sweet Holidays” set is the biggest bouquet of your favorite delicacies! No real fairy tale can do without sweets, so a good choice of gifts is a very important, but always joyful decision!
More about Christmas gifts: https://lukas.ua/novorichni-podarunky/
Order Christmas gifts online: https://lukas-sweet.shop/new-year-gifts/
Delivery of New Year’s gifts across Kremenchuk: https://smile-dostavka.com.ua/solodo…/novorichni-podarunki