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And what if you combine the game with sweets? The Prime Time team has developed educational games for children and a themed sticker pack with a playful dog Tuza! Good memory is the result of constant brain training. That’s why we created the game ” Tuza – find a couple “. Memorize the layout of cards with the image of a funny dog ​​Tuzi, his friends and favorite sweets. Find a pair and go from the simplest level to the most difficult in the allotted time. Set new time records, compete with others using personal in-game accounts, and show off your memory!

Game “Coloring Tuza”! With our coloring exciting world Tuzi will play with new colors! Literally! Ten unique plots with a playful and cheerful dog are ready to please you with bright emotions – you just need to give them color. Choose a picture, fill it with bright colors using a color palette, and share the results with your friends on Facebook! The games are available for download on the Play Market and App Store platforms! Any correspondence is painted with bright colors of emotions together with a sticker pack “Tuzya”!

Upload to Telegram or Viber and enjoy the cool stickers!